Pros Of a Mattress in A Box

  • Variety

Mattress-in-a-box producers seemed to have struck the sweet spot in terms of mattress diversity: sufficient alternatives to meet various requirements and tastes but not so many that shopping for a mattress becomes overwhelming. Most bed-in-a-box firms only offer a few variants.

Because bed-in-a-box best mattresses are built of memory foam (which enables the necessary compression), they often fall into the medium firmness range, with modest variances. Where they diverge, the most is in their other characteristics. For example, particular top-rated mattresses use cooling gel layers or copper-infused toppers to aid in temperature regulation. In contrast, others arrange their foam layers in various ways to give proper support and comfort. So, while it may look as though your bed-in-a-box selections are restricted, you have a plethora of alternatives and features to evaluate to select the ideal choice for your needs.

  • Savings on costs

When it comes to affordability, bed-in-a-box mattresses genuinely shine. Although some models cost upwards of $2,000, most bed-in-a-box mattresses are cheap, especially when compared to traditional versions. Not to mention that many firms provide frequent discounts and special offers, which means you might end up with a far more comfortable new bed for much less than you would spend for an innerspring mattress in a furniture store.

Many of these cost advantages are attributable to the fact that mattress-in-a-box firms sell their mattresses exclusively online via their websites. However, there are a few outliers; Casper, for example, has a few brick-and-mortar locations and sells exclusively through Amazon and Target. As a result, mattress manufacturers can lower their overhead expenses due to the lack of physical sites.

  • Convenient delivery options

When you look for a mattress in a furniture store, you will frequently be required to order it from a warehouse and arrange for delivery, which may or may not be included in the price of the mattress. Otherwise, you are responsible for moving and assembling your bed, which might be challenging depending on your location.

  • Unpacking a package by a pair

When you order a bed in a box, it is delivered directly to your door. Companies that sell bed-in-a-boxes employ compression technology to shrink the tube to approximately the size of a compact file cabinet, making it easy to transfer, especially given that the majority weigh between 60 and 150 pounds. Best of all, delivery is usually free.

If you’re not up to the task of moving and assembling your new bed in a box, several firms provide white-glove delivery. In addition, you may have your new mattress delivered and set up and your old bed removed for an additional charge. Bear in mind that the service is frequently subject to restrictions: For instance, if you merely bought a mattress, you may be able to have the old mattress removed (without the box spring). However, if you lack assistance or are not in the mood to haul your new bed up many flights of stairs, there is an alternative.

  • Trials Without Risk

Due to the inability to test a mattress in a box before purchase, most manufacturers provide extensive “sleep trials.” Trials typically last between 75 and 101 nights, while some organizations give up to 365 nights. If you decide that the mattress is not the proper fit during the trial period, you may return it for a full refund. Although you will not be required to re-box the mattress, you will need to coordinate collection with the firm.

After sleeping on a mattress for upwards of three months, you’ll likely have a solid notion of whether or not it works for you. However, bear in mind that most firms begin the sleep trial as soon as the mattress is delivered; once the trial time has expired, you may generally return the mattress only if there is a warranty-covered issue. Additionally, while mattress businesses advertise complete refunds, your refund will exclude any discounts you got and will exclude any shipping or delivery expenses. Nonetheless, the opportunity to experience the mattress risk-free for a few months is intriguing and alleviates some of the concerns associated with purchasing a bed in a box.